Pack dashboard KOSO DB-02R racing cars with extensions and adapters

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Complete pack to power a car rally (or circuit, hillclimb) with the Dashboard KOSO DB-02R, 2 extensions of 1m JST for temperature sensors, 2 sensors adaptators (change thread in drop-down menu), and long cable speed sensor option. the 2m cable enables connection to reading a mark on the wheel or the front hub (recommended).

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  • The best market ratio for this universal product that allows you to have a configurable tachometer, water temperature and oil (with warning lights), a shift light and pre-programmable shift light, a voltmeter and many other features including a speedometer if you use corresponding sensors. Supplied with sensors, cables and manual.

    Digital speedometer Tachometer & KOSO DB-02R Multifunction

    The Koso counters have the distinction of being 100% universal products are compatible with all types of vehicles on the market. Here is a multifunction dashboard that will be placed very easily thanks to its small size.

    one of its strong points is able to offer you 2 Thermometers (ideal for example for temperature measurement of oil and water)

    Like all counters of the KOSO brand, DB-02R Multi comes complete in a pack including all necessary mounting.

    The digital speedometer and tachometer universal KOSO DB-02R Multi is a counter that is to be powered by a 12 volt source.

    It may be appropriate for single cylinder engines, twin cylinder or 4-cylinder with its adjustable tachometer up 10.000tr / min, 15,000 rev / min or 20.000tr / min

    This type of meter can be installed either on a motorcycle, an ATV, a scooter or a car spur on competition.

    The digital speedometer and tachometer KOSO DB-02R offers the best compromise quality / price ratio and based on the market counters.

    Here are the technical characteristics of the counter:

    The DB-02R is compatible with all bikes, scooters, quads, and most cars

    • 12Volts supply.
    • digital speed 0 to 360km / h or 0-225 MPH
    • Interval Display: 0.5 seconds
    • Speed ​​light passing according to a certain speed configurable from 30 to 360km / h or 19 to 225MPH indicated by a light
    • Top Speed ​​record, according to the maximum speed reached
    • Shift light adjustable from 5000 to 20000tr / min (red light)
    • configurable pre-shift light from 500 to 5000tr / min before the red zone (orange light)
    • Integrated hour meter 0 to 999.9 hours
    • Thermometer in ° C or ° F
    • Thermometer # 1 from 0 to 250 ° C or from 32 to 482 ° F (example: water)
    • Thermometer # 2 from 0 to 250 ° C or from 32 to 482 ° F (example: oil)
    • temperature alarm # 1 programmable from 60 to 250 ° C or 140 to 482 ° F
    • temperature alarm # 2 adjustable from 60 to 250 ° C or 140 to 482 ° F
    • the highest temperature remembers
    • Tachometer bragraph configurable with up to 20,000 rev / min
    • Possible to configure up to 10,000 rev / min, 15,000 rev / min or 20,000 rev / min
    • Fuel Gauge 0 to 100% compliant 100 Ohms or 510 Ohms (bargraph)
    • Alert 10 to 50% parémétrable fuel reserves (per 10%)
    • Voltmeter function from 0 to 18Volts
    • Power function test
    • Suitable for 2-stroke engines: 1, 2, 3 and 4 pistons
    • Suitable for engines 4 time: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 cylinders
    • Wheel Size: 300 to 2500mm
    • Weight: Approx. 200gr
    • Dimensions: 100 x 60 x 20mm
    • white backlit
    • CE approved

    The dashboard DB-02R is very compact and complete, it tells you:

    • The speed in digital format
    • The engine speed (tachometer) represented by a bar graph
    • The daily distance of 0 to 999k.9km
    • The total distance from 0 to 99999 km (trip with A and B)
    • The fuel level via a bar graph
    • Engine temperature or water
    • The level of your battery
    • Clock function
    • The number of engine hours (intervals for oil changes, for example)
    • LEDs: Alarm x2 temperatures (red), max speed alarm (red), shift liht (red), pre shift light (orange)

    Its backlit in white which gives it a beauty and unsurpassed elegance.

    The kit contains :

    • The onboard instrument
    • Wiring loom
    • Speed Sensor
    • Temperature sensor # 1 + # 2
    • Cable for the engine speed
    • Connection Clips
    • x6 magnets
    • Extension for temperature sensors
    • fixing kit handlebar
    • Support aluminum for speed sensor
    • KOSO sticker
    • Operation & installation diagram