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Ballistic battery Lithium LifePO4 12V 16 cells EV20 BCA 480A View larger

Ballistic battery Lithium LifePO4 12V 16 cells EV20 BCA 480A

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New ! Battery BALLISTIC LifePO4 12V 24 cells. Only 2,5 kilos, starter capacity 720 A (BCA, intensity on over more than 5 sec at 70°F or 21°C) up to 810 A. , 7 time more lighter than lead acid battery. Ideal for circuit car, hillclimb, rally. Version with "-" on the left. warranty 1 year.

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  • Pratique ...

    Dry battery, lightweight (2,5 kilos only !!!) and strong, this battery run on Lithium iron Phosphate (LifePO4). Not toxic and even recyclable.

    Regulatory ...
    In accordance to group N if original location and conform to the others groups  FIA/FFSA. Its category of dry battery  does not require waterproof tank in the cockpit. It should be appropriate to cover the electrical contact and to developp a support according to the regulation if placed in the cockpit (support FIA TRT Competition coming soon).

    High Performance ...

    12V (13,6 volts charged), equivalence AGM* of 36/42 Ah but also an intensity to the starting of 720 A (BCA - burst cranking Amps, intensity on 5 secondes) up to 810A. This battery is directly charged by your alternator, faster than the classic batteries (due to the lower current rating).

    (*) the real continuous capacity is 13,8  Ah, and is equivalent for starting of a 36/42 Ah battery (AGM equivalence).

    Reliable ...

    Much lighter and less prone to strokes, she has a 1 year warranty under normal use.

    NB : Not deliverable in overseas departments and territories ( can not be sent by airfreight).

    Recommended for  ...

    Cars of hillclimb or rally without major electrical consumers (provide or large alternator  if ramp of headlight or permanent power steering). Particularly suitable for carburated cars (engines up to 2500cc), or for kit-cars; Fequent restarts possible.

    See also ...

    Terminals adapters, cables, battery holder, PTO start.

    Our advice ...

    For the installation, dampen vibration by interposing a sheet of hard rubber or other authorized material (M1 class). This advice applies to ALL batteries.

    If necessary, this battery works with conventional chargers (caution to the recommendations below) or with specific intelligent charger BALLISTIC LITHIUM LifePO4 that balances the battery cells.

    IMPORTANT In order to give the full capacity and longevity to your Ballistic battery that is ubject to a 1 year warranty provided to respect proper use.
    1) Once its normal capacity is obtained, this battery is nos discharged during storage or even prolonged shutdown.

    2) Do not use with automatic chargers with desulfatage funcion. This type of load will cause an overload shutdown of your battery.
    3) If you are using a manual charger and if this one does not exceed 14.4 load voltage, stop the possible charge as soon as or before than the maximum tension is reached. Usually the maximum charge is quickly reached.
    4) As for the others dry batteries, Do not allow the battery to fully discharged (You can not recover from electrolyte in). Below 9V the battery will be damaged, and you will probably not recover the original capacity of your battery.  Below 6V will be considered as dead. This will only happen only if you let a consumer drain the battery with no load! Be carefull to your car/moto that have alarms (and also on the type of alarms)
    Ideally if your racing car has an homologated circuit breaker and connected professionally, you will avoid the risk of inadervent consumption.
    Guarantee will not apply if the battery has a volatge under 9 volts.
    5) your new alternator will provide around 14,4V maximum, it will not risk to damage your battery by overloading. On the contrary a damaged alternator can damage your battery : regulator dead, intermittently cuts, etc…
    6) Although not mandatory, intelligent chargers are available. Specially adapted allowing the balance and allowing to ring each components to its maximum by an intelligent process, and will stop the automatic process. Ideally, after a race, unplug the battery, and plug in the charger optimate lithium or Ballistic LifePO4. Your battery will always be on the top!

  • Height167mm
    Weight6,5 kgs
    Capacité de démarrage450A
    Garantie3 ans
    Fabriqué enUSA